Cliff Diving


Wassily Kandinsky’s “Yellow-Red-Blue”

I had never been the adventurous or partying type, usually preferring to stay in my dorm to study or watch Netflix. But somehow I had let my roommate drag me to the edge of this terrifyingly tall cliffside.

Just a few hours earlier I had been trying to avoid the unusually warm spring afternoon by watching a random Netflix show. Although I thought I escaped the oppressive heat of Texas weather, somehow it had followed me to the west coast.

From up above, the water seemed pretty calm, only broken by the gentle rise of sea foam from the lapping waves. I watched as my friend ran and flung herself off the cliffside. As she fell, she let out a loud whoop which eventually faded with each second and distance dropped. Sea foam enveloped her, but within seconds a small blonde head popped up from the surface. I heard her laughing and yelling from below, unable to distinguish what she was saying but deciding she was motioning me to follow.

The terror grew within me as I backed away from the edge preparing to jump. How had I ended up here? Why wasn’t back in my room watching Netflix? Why…Before I had time to think of any more excuses, I sprinted across the rocky, uneven ground and threw myself into the air.

From there, everything seemed to happen in slow motion. I think I saw my life flash before me. But it wasn’t like I expected. I didn’t picture my family or pizza or a unicorn or my regrets. Instead of all this, my mind was filled with a kaleidoscope of colors and random checkered patterns. Maybe it was a mixture of blurred surroundings as I was spinning in circles through the air, but I like to think it was colors representing all the moods and things I did throughout my short life and all the puzzle-like patterns representing the challenges I had overcome–something a little more poetic. Before I could contemplate this much further, my body went limp and I blacked out. A burning sensation electrified my body as I crashed into the water. Sinking lower and lower into the deep blue-green water, I was awaken by the cold shock. Flailing my arms, I scrambled to the surface. Gasping for air, I found my friend’s hand and began laughing with happiness.  



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