Blogs 2016

This week we were asked to comment on fellow classmates’ blogs. Below are summaries and links to awesome blogs I found interesting!

Here on the Golbie blog, the writer contemplates the meaning of the old Viking quote that reads “A cowardly man thinks he will ever live, if warfare he avoids; but old age will give him no peace, though spears may spare him.” Just as these quotes provide insightful life advice, the Golbie blog provides insightful analysis of this quote along with how it can be applied to life, sports, and literature. Click here to read more!


Talkbloggytome writes on January 23rd about her love of Glenn Frey’s music which she has nurtured since she was gifted The Eagle’s Greatest Hits as her very first record. She was pleasantly surprised by how much she enjoyed Glenn Frey’s solo career, and in particular his song “Here’s to Life,” which departs from his usual classical rock style in place of a slower, bluesier rhythms complemented by strings and horns. Complimenting its smooth tone is a the profound message that despite life’s hardships, you can always find happiness and joy in life’s meaning. Read the post here.


This blogger reviews the recently released Pixar movie Inside Out. The review includes a summary of the animated children’s movie which follows the emotions (Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger) within the mind of Riley, the movie’s young protagonist. Along with a plot line summary, this blog post provides insight to the overarching message of the movie. To read more, click here!


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