Comments on Awesome Blogs

This blog post describes a Zen Pencil cartoon depicting a love story of a couple who is torn apart by distance but eventually brought back together for a happy ending. The writer’s blog post about this comic is just as sweet as the comic itself.

In this blog post, the writer talks about how today’s high school students often do not enjoy writing since most of their writing is for tedious school assignments; however, unlike other students of the writer’s generation, this writer enjoys creating short stories, specifically historical fiction, myths, and fantasy.

This blog post talks about a Zen Pencils comic titled “John Lennon: Produce Your Own Dream.” The writer talks about being deterred from pursuing goals due to a variety of factors that she views as walls instead of obstacles to overcome. After reading this comic, she realized that she needed to step out of her comfort zone in order to pursue big career goals and “produce [her] own dream.” Both the comic and this blog post are inspiring and enjoyable to read, and I recommend taking a look!


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