Writing Life

When I was younger, I loved going to the office supply section and looking at all the different patterns, bright colors, and interesting sizes of notebooks. I used to always beg my mom to let me get them, promising her each time that it was for a daily journal. One time I even bought a tiny pocket notebook because of its cute size only to realize it was highly impractical for writing long thoughts about each day. I would write religiously in it for a week or two, recording every detail of my very exciting elementary school days. But after using up the first twenty pages or so of a journal, it would always end up in a drawer with all the other discarded ones. Around the time this drawer became so crowded with half-used notebooks that it would barely close, I faded out of the journaling phase. (This sounds like a very wasteful use of a notebook, but I eventually tore out my entries and reused the notebooks for other things)

After I stopped journaling my everyday life, I started writing “travel journals”–journals filled with my family’s daily adventures while on vacation. When I first started seven years ago, I would pack my notebook and different colored pens (just like journals, I also love different colored pens), but when I got my first iPhone, I started realizing how much easier writing (or typing) out a journal in the “Notes” app was. Not only was it more accessible, but my phone didn’t add the same extra weight my pens and notebook did. I started writing my travel journal more and more frequently on my phone because of its accessibility, especially on vacation since I didn’t carry my journal around everywhere and usually left it at the hotel. I continue to write in my travel journal whenever my family goes on vacation. I write about every detail–the activities we did, the monuments we saw, the museums we visited, even the food we ate–and compile each day of a vacation into one very long note which I eventually save as an email. Someday I hope to read them again and be able to re-live each vacation and maybe even revisit some of my favorite places around the world.

Obviously, I don’t write in my travel journal everyday, but I still find other ways to write. Though I gave up on my initial everyday journaling fad, when I got to high school I found myself a little more stressed than I was in middle school. I picked up an old floral-patterned notebook one day and started writing down my thoughts. During my sophomore year I made a new best friend who I felt comfortable telling anything to. Sadly, soon after we became close friends, he moved almost 2,000 miles away to attend school at Cornell. We still text daily and even send emails about our day. We also send random thoughts such as links to new music or interesting articles. I have a folder of over 400 emails we’ve sent to each other (it’s a little ridiculous how much we email and text).Having someone to talk to during hard or stressful times as well as someone to share happy moments with is wonderful; in my opinion, it’s much better than simply writing down thoughts in a notebook.


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