Christmas Vacation, No E’s

School days drag by agonizingly slow. Class upon class, I look up at a board full of words and diagrams. Sports, school, and work push to a brink of total psychological confusion. Anxious for vacation, my mind drifts off, floating away from my physics work at hand. Flashbacks to Christmas vacation push all thoughts of school away. Visions of sun, sand, and surf fill all my thoughts as I drift into a world apart from school.

I look out at that “Saint Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands” sign along an approaching airport runway strip, and thoughts of long airport waits and a six hour flight vanish. Cousins and family run to hug us as my family and I walk towards a pair of airport doors. Pina coladas and fruity drinks await with our bags. My dad winds us through twisting island roads, whizzing by swiftly moving cars, turning in and out until finally arriving at our condo. I pick out sounds of rustling tropical plants and crashing surf among sunny and warm air with slight gusts of wind. Running to an upstairs balcony, I look out at a sparkling bay with yachts and boats. My cousins splash in that cool, sparkling bay and motion upwards. I run down flights and flights of stairs to join. Lounging on warm sand, swimming, kayaking, shopping, sipping pina coladas, and soaking up sun occupy six days of vacation.

A loud ding snaps my mind back to school. Thoughts of Christmas vacation sadly vanish and I am brought back to an awfully lit classroom with bland, blank walls. I go back to my physics, wishing I was back in that island of bliss.


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