AP English III Fall Reflection

Wow. This semester has gone by surprisingly fast! At the beginning of the year I was a little apprehensive about junior year because of the many horror stories and comments about the toughness and importance of this year from a variety of people. Despite all these frightening comments, this year has not been as hard as I thought it would be (I still have yet to pull  an all-nighter, but…we’ll see if that changes come spring semester). Of the many things I was a little apprehensive about was AP English III. I despised timed writings and how they always brought me loads of stress. Many previous AP English III  juniors said these terrifying assignments became easier and less stressful as the year progressed and you practiced more. I highly doubted them, but they turned out to be correct. I enjoyed how timed writings were introduced and graded in this class- three timed writings of the same type with each consecutive one weighted more heavily than the first. The first timed writing was indeed stressful, but as the previous juniors noted, timed writings definitely got easier, or at least caused me less stress, with continued practice. So, I would say that I successfully tackled timed writings this semester despite my prior apprehension. Along with timed writings, I would say I was also successful in group circle discussion. I was not extremely excited when we received that assignment, but I ended up both doing well and enjoying it. I’m usually a pretty reserved person and do not enjoy public speaking, so the group discussion caused me to open up. My success in this assignment was partly due to our class environment. We have a comfortable atmosphere that facilitates discussion. Another major factor of my success in the group circle discussion was that I read the book in a timely manner (did not cram it in the night before) and I truly enjoyed the book (so far, Huck Finn has been my favorite book of junior year). In fact, reading the book in a timely manner leads me into my next topic-my shortcomings in this class.

Although I am not usually one to procrastinate, I put off  reading The Scarlet Letter until the last minute. I read the majority of the book, but I skipped a few chapters that turned out to be important chapters. Not fully reading the book affected my comprehension and enjoyment of the book. Since I did not fully read the book, I struggled to keep up with class discussion, and in the end, not fully reading the book on time hurt me more than I thought it would. I think I would have appreciated the book more  if I had read it on time. Ever since that awful experience, I have read every other book on time, and that is something that I must continue to do next semester. One of my goals for next semester is to read every book in a timely manner to help both my understanding and enjoyment of the book. Overall, English III has been an agreeable experience, and I am excited for next semester!:)


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