Family is very important to me. Sometimes I think it is more important to me than it is to other people, especially when I see others being unnecessarily rude or disrespectful to their siblings or parents. Family loves you unconditionally and will always be there for you. Ever since I was little, I was taught to respect my elders, to not talk back, or be rude to them. Even when I disagree with my parents and express my side of whatever we disagree on, I refrain from being snark or screaming at them. When I was in elementary school, where we never had any homework, I would go over to my friend’s house almost everyday. She was my best friend who I had known ever since I could say my first words. One day, I remember her getting in a fight with her mom and her screaming back at her mom and saying very rude things. Even though we were young then, I was shocked at my friend’s reaction and that she screamed at her mom. As we grew older, I noticed that my friend talked back to her mom very often and thought that it was ok to act like a brat towards her mom whenever she did not get her way. I always sat quietly whenever she acted this way, but I could not stand it. It bugged me then, and it still bugs me now whenever I see kids being disrespectful to their parents or elders. Sometimes, little kids may not know better because their parents allow them to talk back, but I cannot be understanding of older kids who act this way.  This behavior seems to be common at tennis tournaments. I have seen a couple kids scream at their parents who are watching them play to go away. I may not know all of the circumstances of wny kids may scream at their parents, but I still do not think it is ok. I am lucky to have good parents who clothe me, feed me, put a roof over my head, and just support me in every way they can. The majority of parents must do the same, yet I see so many instances where children do not seem to appreciate this and are disrespectful towards them.


I also cannot stand it when kids are always rude or always fight with their siblings. I truly believe there is a special bond between siblings. You grow up with them and share similar experiences. Relationships with siblings will last longer than marriage, outlive your parents’ death, and are bonded with unconditional love. I have noticed many relationships where siblings are always bickering with each other. One of my friends cannot even sit next to his sibling on an airplane because they always fight. And I know some people who constantly fight with their siblings over the most trivial things. I get in fights with my brothers sometimes, of course. But we are no where close to perpetual fighting, and when we do have the occasional brawl, we always forgive each other soon after. I genuinely love my family, and I am sure many others love their family to the same extent. But even though many may feel this way, its harder for me to understand that when I see kids being disrespectful towards their parents or having unnecessary fights with their siblings.


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