A couple weeks ago, we were asked to write about our flaws. This week we were asked to write about the opposite-something we are proud about ourselves. Writing about my flaws seems three times easier than writing about my strengths or accomplishments. However, always thinking about weaknesses can lead to lack of confidence and an unhappy life. While bragging about your accomplishments may seem arrogant or conceited, in moderation and in the right doses, it is a positive thing to pat yourself on the back for your strengths.
I consider my organization and time management qualities as one of my strengths. Since I was little, I have always kept lists and planners. Lists and planners help me stay on track and be organized. I feel productive when I finish everything on my “To Do” lists. If I do things that are not on my list of things to do, I do not feel as productive because I don’t have anything to cross out on my list at the end of the day. While some may find this excessive, I find this as one of my strengths because it helps me stay productive-a feeling I always try to achieve.  These two tools also help me always remember tests and homework assignments. They save me from having those panic moments of realizing a test or homework assignment is due next period. I also do not procrastinate. I dislike adding unnecessary stress of cramming for a test or finishing a project the night before its due, so thanks to my good time management skills, I don’t add that unnecessary cramming stress to my life. My time management qualities also help me get a decent amount of sleep every night. Freshman and sophomore year, I always went to be around nine to ten o’clock and would get eight to nine hours of sleep. While this year I have not been able to go to bed around that time every night, I still try to get a decent amount of sleep every night. So I never have to function for a whole day of school on only three or four hours of sleep like some of my friends. I think my organization qualities are due to my partly type A personality. I hate it when my room or anything is messy. I like having everything where it is supposed to go, so I can always find it when I need it. I save all of my papers and spirals from previous classes that I feel will be helpful sometime in the future, so whenever I need a quick reference back to a class or worksheet, I know exactly where it is.  While some people may find some of these qualities excessive, I consider them as my strengths. My organization and time management qualities help me lead a more productive and meaningful life, and I am proud of them.


3 thoughts on “Strengths

  1. I really loved this blog post because I completely relate to it! I don’t think that it is bad to strive to feel productive because I think that will bring you more success than if you didn’t care. I am also very organized and have good time management so I really appreciate that from other people. I think that those are admirable traits to have, so you should be proud of them!!


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  3. I feel like I can relate to you so much after reading this blog. I keep a planner with me all the time and when on rare occasions I loose it I would freak out badly. I treat it like my life depends on it (which it probably does). My everyday schoolwork is organized by my planner, and I developed this habit from my elementary school, where they required planners for everyone and we had to let our parents sign it every night. However, I really need to learn some time management skills from you. For some reason, I have everything written down in my planner, but I don’t stop procrastinating… So even though I will never be surprised about a test or project due date coming up, I sometimes still cramp my work…


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